What Color Is Your Business Website?

How can a color help sell your product? Easy. It can put your customer in a buying mood. You can infuse color into anything your customer sees – your website, your product, its packaging, sales materials and your logo.When you choose the right color, you send people scrambling for their wallet.Let’s look at the power of color…Blue is an all-time favorite. Blue seems trustworthy because it is so relevant in our daily lives. It is conservative and solid. Good products and services for blue are boys’ clothes, jewelry, travel, insurance, business services and art.Blue exerts another extraordinary effect: it curbs the appetite. Dieters sometimes eat in blue light, from a blue plate in a blue-colored room. It odd thing is – it works. They do not eat as much.Red signals excitement – and danger. It makes people feel expectant. It is often used for introducing a new product. Some good products for using red are – security products, toys, sports accessories, cars, children’s clothing and pet products.Pink is a calming color. Pink is used to sell girls’ clothes and toys as well as cosmetics. Pink shades and lampshades soften the light in a room. A sales price printed in pink tends to make it appear less expensive. Perhaps, it is the calming effect at work. Pink is also pure innocence.Yellow grabs the eye. In fact, it is the first color babies recognize. It gives off a secure feeling. It is excellent for children’s clothing, health services, vitamins, pet items, music, flowers and household appliances.Cream is serious and elegant. It is good for costly items. It well is used in women’s fashions, interior design, linen, bedding, kitchens and books.Grey is serious. Light grey is efficient and sleek. It is good for men’s fine clothing, silverware, machinery, genealogy and family crests. The walls of office buildings are often light grey. Dark grey is ultra serious.Green expresses freedom, purity and spaciousness. A soothing color, it goes well with food, water, cooking, flowers, house shutters and doors. Light green is associated with money and ties in with the stock market and business.Purple is commanding and sure. In olden days it was used only for royalty. It gives the impression of quality and works well for exclusive and costly items. It is used for heirlooms, books, music and memberships in exclusive clubs.Orange makes you look twice. It is an attention grabber. It is a bold, hot color that works well with sports clothes, games, camping gear, outdoor vests and children’s apparel.Just as for any brick and mortar business, colors are extremely vital for a website. This is because the Internet is a non-verbal medium and communicating any idea there is almost completely based on visual stimuli. So, it is vital to make a great first impression on your customers, immediately.A visually pleasing website is always a welcome sign for browsers. If your website is not immediately visually pleasing, your customer will click away.

The Best Free Advertising: Top 5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Vehicle Graphics

Last year, Americans spent 500 million commuter hours EACH WEEK behind the wheel of their cars. That’s a lot of time sitting in traffic! It’s no surprise then that vehicle graphics generate between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions each day. If your business is not using vehicle wraps, then you’re missing out on an affordable and highly effective advertising strategy. Wondering if vehicle graphics are right for your small business? Here are five reasons why they’re a definite must.#1 – Be your own billboard. Paying for outdoor advertising space is expensive. Whether it’s an ad campaign on the side of a city bus stop or a giant billboard by the highway, this ad space is anything but free. But the side of your car, truck or van is free. Whether you own or lease your vehicle, you’re already paying for the space. So why not use it? Even better, your “billboard” will now go wherever you go. Whether it’s your daily commute or parked near a busy intersection, your billboard is completely mobile. Take your car where your customers go rather than waiting for your customers to come to you!#2 – Reach more people faster. Vehicle advertising is completely mobile, so wherever you go with your car, your advertisement will go, too. This makes it easy to reach thousands of potential customers each day – without changing anything about your schedule. Whether you’re driving to work, running errands or meeting with a client, your car will proudly advertise your business, services and products to thousands of potential customers each day.#3 – Stand out in a sea of ordinary ads. Bold, colorful vehicle graphics add an unexpected pop of color to your vehicle and attract attention wherever you go. Everyone expects to see billboards, TV commercials and other ads. These generic advertisements are easy to overlook, ignore (and in the case of TV commercials) simply fast-forward straight through. Vehicle graphics are unexpected, so they attract attention and keep it long enough to communicate your message.#4 – Increase name recognition. If you’re a new business, rebranding or trying to expand your customer base, name recognition is everything. After all, if no one has heard of your company, how can you expect to get any business? Vehicle advertising is 15 times more effective at enhancing name recognition than any other form of advertising. Period.#5 – Make the most of each mile. Every mile you drive is an opportunity to advertise your business, increase name recognition and build your brand. As a small business, you know that every dollar counts. So if you’re already paying for your car, gas and maintenance, why not get something in return? A vehicle wrap does more than just advertise your business – it actually adds value to your car! Because wraps are made from high-quality vinyl with durable laminate coverings, they protect your car from abrasions, scratches and other wear and tear. Cars with vehicle wraps look brand new when the wraps are removed.